2015 Williamstown Fall Festival Book Sale

Thank you to everyone who came to our booth at the Williamstown Fall Festival Book Sale. We enjoyed connecting with many of you and had a great time raising money for the library. The Fall Raffle was a success, and the winners are listed below with some images of our booth.


Raffle Winners:

  • ​One hour flight over Vermont : Jackie Higgins
  • Cruise on Lake Champlain : Emily Lam
  • Espresso Bueno Giftcard : M. Savigni
  • Fat Toad Farm Gift Set : Betty Doherty
  • Blue Moon Boutique : Olympia Jolls
  • Vermont State Park Punch Card : Sheila Menard
  • Wayside Gift Certificate : Eileen Corriveau
  • Fused Glass Necklace : Dave Jolls
  • Wayside Raspberry Pie : Linda Doherty

Many thanks to the Friends of the Ainsworth Public Library members who made this book & raffle sale a big success.