Job Description

Part Time Library Clerk Job Description

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Complete assigned duties by Library Director at each shift/ Communicate with the Library Director on task note on Desktop of computer and/or via email each shift
  • Open and Closing Duties
  • Circulation Desk (Customer service, check in, check out, holds que, making holds, keeping Daily Tally, etc.)
  • Shelving materials
  • Shelf reading
  • Processing magazines as needed
  • Supervising volunteers during shift
  • Change outside sign when assigned by Director
  • Create book displays when assigned by Director
  • Check shelves for missing books (monthly report)
  • Call patrons for overdo books (monthly report)
  • Call Inter Library Loans when assigned by Director
  • Check and maintain clerk email on each shift
  • Contribute to Facebook account on each shift
  • Have knowledge of computer procedures/help patrons with technology (printing, faxing, library website, etc.)
  • Book processing (covering, spine labels, taping, etc.)
  • Ongoing projects as assigned
  • Availability to cover for staff when needed. Monthly schedule can change to meet the needs of the library.
  • Scheduled hours for work are provided by the Library Director at least 2 weeks in advance.  You will not be paid any hours scheduled outside of these hours unless approved by the Library Director ahead of time, no matter the nature. The shift begins and ends at the scheduled times and you will not be paid if you arrive early or stay later. Ex. Your shift starts at 2 pm and you decide to come at 1pm to prepare for your shift. You would not paid for that hour, because you were not on the schedule for that time. We expect employees to arrive right when their shift begins. (In this example it would be 2 pm) Patrons do not mind waiting a few minutes for you to open. It is the same with closing, if you are scheduled to close at 6 pm, begin giving patrons warning 15 minutes before closing time and start to shut down. In this case, it would be 5:45 and you would announce “The library is closing soon. If you would like to take out items, it would need to be within the next 5 minutes.” Then continue closing the library. You should be ready to leave at the close of the shift. (In this example, 6pm)
  • For sick time, switched shifts and unplanned absences: start the phone tree to get coverage with other clerks and then alert the Library Director to any changes by email or phone message. If you cannot find coverage, then contact the Library Director for help. Please do not make appointments on scheduled work days.
  • Vacation requests need to be given two weeks in advance
  • There are no paid vacations, sick time, personal days or holiday time for this position
  • You may serve on volunteer committees at the library but you cannot hold any offices. You will not be paid for any volunteer services for the library and they cannot be the same regular duties that you are paid for.
  • If more hours become available for clerks, you will need to apply for the position as others do.
  • If Federal, State, or Town orders effect how patrons are served (Ex. COVID-19) full compliance is expected of all employees.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Computer Skills (Microsoft word, Excel, Publisher, we will train you in Library system KOHA, etc.)
  • Excellent customer service
  • Ability to lift 20 pounds
  • Ability to go up and down stairs
  • Flexible scheduling

The starting pay is determined by the Board of Trustees and will not go lower than minimum wage.

  • Employment evaluations will happen at three months, six months, and then take place annually with the Library Director. Any concerns, questions or issues that arise while on the job are presented to the Library Director. The Library Director works with the employee to find a solution(s). The clerk for this position is on probation for a six month period. The Trustees have the right to extend an employee’s probation period for as long as they deem necessary. The Trustees have the right to terminate an employee for any reason; they would provide reasons to the Library Director and it would be discussed with the employee either by the Director or Chair of Trustees.

Current Job Requirements

Monday 3-6pm

Tuesdays: 2-7 pm

Every Other Saturday: 10-2 pm