Oct. 11 Meeting Agenda


Ainsworth Public Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Agenda for October 11, 2016

 Agenda Item                   Action                Presiding                   Time

 Call to order                                                 Marvine                                    6:00

Guests for Trustee Position                          Marvine                                  6:01

Minutes of September Meeting  VOTE       Bill                                        6:10

Treasurer’s report                              VOTE         Meghan                       6:20

Librarian’s Report                                            Sarah                                   6:45

Old Business                                                           Marvine                                     7:00

  • BOT Manual (table)
  • Procedures for Board Members
  • Library Policies VOTE

New Business                                                                                                 7:45

  • Proposal from Brandon Covey Sarah
  • Finding a New Trustee member Marvine

Public Comment                                                                                                       7:55

Adjournment                                                 Marvine                                  8:00