Activity Bingo Hints, Links, Teasers

1. Meteor Showers (sometimes referred to as shooting stars) occur throughout the year. The most reliable meteor shower is the Perseids. Check online for a calendar of showers. If the conditions make viewing difficult, find a video online. Below are some suggestions.

Meteor Shower Calendar  (

Learn about and view the 2015 Perseid shower (

Meteor Shower Defined

Video: Meteor Shower or Shooting Star?

2. Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to provide books in digital form (e-books and audio) for books out of copyright. These books can be read online or downloaded to an e-reader. Browse the catalog, try reading a chapter online:

3. How many different flowers can you find this summer? Plant your favorite flowers or create a bee garden to enjoy these showy plants, adding fragrance and bright colors to these long, lazy days. Find inspiration from flower guides like Wild Flowers and other gardening and planting books in our 635 nonfiction section.

4. Check out the Librivox collection of digital audio recordings of books in the public domain. These books, mostly classics, are read by volunteer readers. Some works are read by the same person, others are read by multiple readers. Try it out by listening online or download to your audio player. Just 15 minutes of browsing or listening earns a ticket. Hooked? Consider being a volunteer reader.

5. Visiting the Echo Museum? Use the Echo Pass for reduced-price admission, available at the library. Find out more and see all our available passes: APL Park Passes

6. Did you know the Big Dipper is also called the Plough? How is it related to the Great Bear? Read more about it: – Big Dipper   Watch a video: Hila Science – Ursa Major

7. Did you know VT is home to the collegiate baseball team, Vermont Mountaineers? Vermont will also host the NECBL All Star Game this summer. Find out more at: The Vermont Mountaineers. You can also listen to Red Sox Baseball all summer long on Waterbury’s local radio station WDEV Radio. And don’t forget the APL collection. We have the complete DVD collection of Ken Burns’s miniseries on the history of baseball plus many baseball books.

8. Do you know about The Friends of the Ainsworth Public Library? The group meets monthly to plan activities such as the book-and-cookie sale to raise money to support the library. For many years The Friends have purchased special book collections such as Red Clover and DCF award nominees. They also use the money raised to donate prizes for library programs such as this summer reading program. Complete this square by joining the Friends or attending a meeting or making a commitment to volunteer at their next event.

9. Visit a Farmers’ Market or join a CSA. Definitions and Regulations, List of Markets, Organic Growers

10. Visit the Summer Reading page on the APL web site for a list of projects and crafts related to this year’s space theme, or find your own project. Submit a photo or bring in your craft for display (Email to Note, some of the crafts may not be suitable for all ages. Participants are strongly encouraged to work with a parent or guardian as appropriate to participant’s skill level and difficulty of the craft or project.

11. Youth Audio. For this square try a youth audio that’s part of the APL physical collection or part of the Listen Up Vermont collection. Listen to the first chapter or 30 minutes whichever comes first. Both can be played at the library. Ask the library staff for assistance, if needed.

12. Find the North Star in the night sky. What’s so special about the North Star?


14. Insects are part of summer. Despite their pesky nature, many insects play an important role as pollinators and are essential to growing food. Notice the summer insects while you’re out and about and try something from our nonfiction 595 section, such as Bugs Are Insects to learn more. You can also read about honey bees and butterflies from this area of the nonfiction collection.

15. Observing a night sky. Read How: Kid-Friendly Tips for Observing the Night Sky. You may also want to download and assemble your own star wheel: Uncle Al’s Hands-on Universe Star Wheel.

16. We have some great books on constellations. Check one out today: Guide to Stars or Night Sky, plus others. You might also explore myths and folklore. You can find all this (and more) in the nonfiction area. Try the Dewey 520’s for astronomy, 200’s for mythology, and 390’s for folklore. And watch for our display of space-related books. Enjoy this short, 2 min video: CrashCourse Constellations

17. Summer foods are plentiful. Enjoy your favorite and check out our nutrition and recipe sections (Dewey 613’s and 640’s respectively) to find something new. We even have a large-print cookbook, can you find it?

18. Enjoy coloring? Want to exercise your creative side? Have we got a project for you! Ask Ms Snow for details.

19. Love to read the book reviews or just excited about a new book you just read? See Ms Snow to recommend a book you think would be a great addition to the APL collection or use our white board to share your enthusiasm for your new favorite book with other patrons.  

20. Event calendars show Vermont busy with countless outdoor festivals and music throughout the summer—many are free!  Attend an outdoor festival, flea market, celebration, performance, or other outdoor event.

21. Visiting a VT State Park? Use the Vermont State Parks Pass for free admission, available at the library. Find out more and see all our available passes: APL Park Passes.

22. Reader’s Choice – anything goes.

23. Be a lifelong learner. Browse the catalog of courses available through Universal Class. They’re all free through Ainsworth Public Library and the VT Department of Libraries. You just need a library card, an email address and the desire to learn.

24. Submit a list of titles for a 4-book book pack of related picture books. Alternatively, submit a list of 10 books for a themed display, selecting titles from one or more areas of the library. Receive one ticket for a theme of your own choosing or earn two tickets when the books have a space theme. Submit your book packs and book display ideas to Ms Snow.

25. Visiting a VT historic site or the VT Historical Society this summer? Enjoy free admission with the Historic Sites Pass or VT Historical Society passes available at the library. Find out more and see all our available passes: APL Park Passes. VT also has a National Park. Check out the National Park miniseries available at the library and plan to visit a national park this summer in your travels.