OnLine Bingo

Online Bingo is a new option this year at APL for summer reading. We hope you’ll enjoy these links to You Tube videos and various science podcasts, with a little e-reading mixed in. Feel free to find your own online resources to learn about these space-related topics. Please let us know what you think.

Black HolesISSSpace Volcano What’s the Universe Made of?Hubble Telescope
Solar EclipseHear Lightning on JupiterDistance Between PlanetsRosetta Comet MissionWho is Margaret Hamilton?
Driving the Mars Rover Build your own planet (see details below)FREE SPACELearn about star wheelsDeaf students help NASA
Watch An Asteroid The amazing Ruby Payne ScottQuindar TonesChandra X-Ray ObservatorySolar System to Scale
Is That A Ladle in the Sky?The Expanding UniverseI want to be an astronautEarth Orbits the SunTrip to Outer Space
Black Holes
Audio 30m
Discover what black holes are with this Apple podcast.
Video 25m
Watch a video tour of NASA’s space station.
Space Volcano
Audio 11m
Brains On science podcast explains about volcanoes in space.
What’s the Universe made of?
Video 1h
An episode from a 6-part NOVA Wonders series
Hubble Telescope
Video 4m
See pictures from the Hubble Telescope.
Solar Eclipse
Video 2m30s
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Learn about and watch a total solar eclipse.
Hear Lightning on Jupiter
Audio 1m
Listen closely! It’s lightning on Jupiter. Brought to you by Scientific American.
Distance Between Planets
Video 4m
Bill Nye demonstrates the distance between planets.
Rosetta Comet Mission
Audio 7m
This podcast from Radio Public explains the Rosetta Comet Mission.
Who is Margaret Hamilton?
Audio 16m
This Apple podcast gives a brief bio of Margaret Hamilton and her role in the Apollo 11 moon landing.
Driving the Mars Rover
Audio 22m
This Apple podcast explains how to operate the Mars Rover.
Build your own planet (activity)There are many resources online to build your own planet and learn to care for it. Give it a try and see first hand the many challenges to sustaining life. Here are a few to get you started: Planet simulator by Univ Wisconsin; Planet Maker; Starchitect. But there are many others.
Learn about star wheels
Audio 4m and activity
Learn about star wheels and make your own star wheel.
Deaf students help NASA
Audio 3m
Listen to this podcast from The Washington Post and learn how deaf students helped NASA
Watch An Asteroid
Video 1m
Watch an asteroid fly by Earth. On the night between the 11th and 12th of March 2015 a small asteroid has flown past the Earth at the distance of only 100000 kilometres. In only few hours it has accelerated and brightened significantly, just to get into obscurity, possibly forever.
The amazing Ruby Scott Payne
Audio 14m
This Apple podcast from Australian Broadcasting Corporation tells the amazing story from 1940 of Ruby Payne Scott – the girl who listened to the stars.
Quindar Tones
Audio 11m
From Brains On, a short podcast about Quindar tones and talking in space.
Chandra X-ray Observatory
Audio 50m
In this episode of Star Talk, you’ll learn about the limitations of visible light and how x-rays at the Chandra X-ray Observatory help us see more of space. Star Talk Radio is available on the web, or use your library card to access more Star Talk shows from Listen Up Vermont.
Solar System to Scale
Video 7m
Watch as our solar system is created to scale.
Is That A Ladle in the Sky?
Video 5m
Crash Course Kids science podcast explains constellations.
The Expanding Universe
Audio 25m
Find out what expansion of the universe means and how gravity works in this Brains On science podcast.
I want to be an astronaut
Audio 30m
Air Space podcast from Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: What it takes to be an astronaut. Do you have the right stuff?
Earth Orbits the Sun
Video 9m 30s
Watch the orbit of Earth around the sun.
Trip to Outer Space
Audio 1h 10m
From Tumble Science Podcast: Trip to Outer Space. With this collection of related episodes you can see what it’s like to spend a year on Mars, take a wild ride through the solar system, find out if it’s possible to ship Co2 off our planet, search for alien life, and investigate black holes with the world’s top black hole hunter.